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The film’s idea came to me on 21st March, 2022, at the lowest point in my life. The idea helped me rise above the dark clouds in my mind. I have made this film to document the idea that saved my life.

The film examines the philosophical idea of ‘suicide’.


Humans mistake their mind to be the master, and body to be the servant. When in reality, the mind and the body are one thing. The body evolved the mind to serve its ultimate purpose, which is to live and create. The film explores this schism.

The film has two distinct locations - the inside and the outside, the mind and the body, fear and hope. The aesthetic of the film - the cinematography, the colour grading and the aspect ratio are all in the service of this dichotomy.

I wanted the film to be austere. And therefore the choice of no dialog or music. This necessitated that the film be visually striking, the sound precise and the performance understated.

This is my debut film as a director, and I have completely self-financed the film. It was very important to me personally that I make the film, and make it in a particular way.

I am extremely pleased with the outcome.

Palash Kulkarni
March, 2024

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